Monday, April 27, 2009

Helmet hair is the new black

I know I'm almost two weeks behind the ball, but after seeing an Edward Gorey lookalike cycling the wrong way across Third Ave. while helmetless and cradling a Starbucks cup, I had to say something -- not about him specifically, but about a recent Times Style section piece that seems to support him and his kind. In it, a run-of-the-mill city cyclist offers the following gem:

"I never ride with a helmet either, even when people are telling me I’m an idiot. Riding a bike should be normal, and you shouldn’t have to wear a funny Styrofoam hat."

This from a guy who's been in an accident. There's not much to say to it, other than (1.) you're an idiot, and (2.) Styrofoam hats aren't funny. Mine's a multi-sport, and makes me look like an in-line skater with hydrocephalus. It doesn't get much cooler than that.

I'm glad to see that the fashion plights of cyclists are getting some attention, but the Times turned a blind eye to some of the logistics of city riding. Sure, you might look cool in that tweed Ralph Lauren blazer, but how cool are you actually going to be when it's ninety degrees in the shade and you're stuck behind an idling city bus?

And what happens when your chain-lock scuffs that expensive cravat? The only lock pictured in the accompanying photos was gold:

Because that's how normal people ride.


Statuesque Lingo said...

this brings to mind brett's hair helmet on flight of the concords, sort of shown here:

an idea whose time has come, I say.

Jared said...

holy shit!! my bike chain!

Darcie said...

Loved this piece in The Times.
That's how we all roll, right? Cruising down Bedford. on our Holland bikes, Gucci pants with the right leg pegged. Just another sunny Saturday in Brooklyn. Wait- whatever happened to "no chain, no gain"?