Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dear Ryan Muir: please take me with you wherever you go

I recently noted that Olof Arnalds was opening for Bjork and the Dirty Projectors' exclusive show at Housing Works in SoHo, and I just found photographic proof that this concert occurred. It was heartbreaking.

The show was shot by Ryan Muir, who besides being a nice, laid-back fellow is (in my humble opinion) one of the best concert photographers in Brooklyn at the moment. Seriously, when they write the (music) history books, this dude will be providing the images. Take the above shot of his, for instance. Not necessarily a feat of photographic genius, but definitely daring; I was under the impression that your head would explode if you got this close to Bjork. Maybe he was using a telescopic lens.

Ryan, next time [sob], please let me be your plus-one. You won't have to worry about me -- I'll just shadow David Byrne the whole time.

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GH said...

GO RYAN!!!!p