Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Giant steps in bathroom reading, spectacularly gross book titles

A scatological shocker from Japan: Koji Suzuki, the author of The Ring, has written a new novella called Drop that's printed on rolls of toilet paper. It's marketed as "a horror experience in the toilet," and can be had for about $2.20, which I guess is kind of a steal, since we pay about that much for eco-friendly T.P. in the U.S. anyway, and the only reading material we get is the self-congratulatory copy on the wrapper.

That's not a chair, by the way. Just look at how bored she is! If only she had remembered to bring something to read...

Seriously, though, I didn't know toilet paper was still used in Japan; I could have sworn that when I was over there in 2007, their toilets had advanced well beyond such an antiquated mode of hygiene. I remember one combination toilet-bidet that played music when you sat on it. Those were the days.

Anyway, I'm surprised the Germans didn't think of this first; Wetlands would have been perfect in this format.

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Tio Pepe said...

There are huge tons of people reading in the bathroom. Still have yet to learn about the disease which makes you enjoy sitting in the smell and germ bath for prolonged periods of time.