Tuesday, September 1, 2009

China's Stevie Wonder

... is a 26-year-old Bahai'i guy name Khalil Fong. Also, see Justin Timberlake and the late M.J. Just more proof that when a door closes, a window tends to open. Anyway, take a listen to this and tell me it doesn't make you just a little giddy:

Also, a side note: my sister served Stevie Wonder a crabcake while catering the recent memorial service for Eunice Kennedy Shriver. I'm so proud of her. My sister, I mean; not Shriver, even though she was Arnold Schwartzenegger's mother-in-law, which is kind of cool. He was there too, apparently wearing a lot of rings. I wonder if has special mourning rings. Somehow, I doubt it. I don't think Arnie's accustomed to defeat.

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Anonymous said...

yes! yes! i khalike him. and congrats on your "paper" piece.