Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Girl Talk is cheap ... free, even

Remember when Radiohead tried that whole pay-what-you-want model back in early 2008? Seems to have caught on; now the subversive indie label Illegal Art is giving away its entire back catalog, including Girl Talk albums Unstoppable (2003), Night Ripper (2006), and Feed the Animals (2008). His debut, Secret Diary (2002), will be available in early January.

None of these Girl Talk albums could have been all that costly to make (being basically, ahem, other people's music and all), so it's not like Greg Gillis is going to be putting himself in a hole by going this route. Still, you have to respect a guy who's willing to give his entire oeuvre away for free -- especially when he's simultaneously releasing one of the freebies (Night Ripper) as a $100 two-LP limited-edition vinyl set. All the proceeds are going to a clean-water charity but, good cause notwithstanding, methinks he'll have some trouble selling the cow.

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